Engineering activity

We have engineering team with significant experience in solving different engineering problems. Part of them are listed below:

  • Development of complete engineering by modern means for CAD design (AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop and Autodesk Inventor) of wide range of items in the field of machinery. Development of 3D models, strength and kinematics analysis of the structure, avoiding possible conflicts at the stage of designing.
  • Creating detail engineering on grounds of the base engineering of the customer under severe performance of the requirements set.
  • Joint designing of all types of metal structures, including the special purpose ones; transport equipment; special equipment and spare parts and others.

There is automated design system implemented in the company. This system enables the parallel work of different type of experts (designers, technologists, etc.). At the same time the design period is reduced at the account of usage of modern CAD products.

All the above mentioned enables the making of fast and adequate engineering decisions, reduces the time for preparation of drawings significantly, which at the end is a serious prerequisite for reducing the time for designing.

Technological activity

The technology department of the company has built a precise model how to replace and optimize the existing ways of work, aiming only to reach high technological level and usage of all possibilities of the model of the flexible work.

All activities in the technology department are subjected to the IT technologies.The serious investments made in this field have lead to high efficiency of the highly qualified staff and significant reduction in the material costs.

High flexibility and control of the procurement and costs is achieved. The optimization of the technological activities related to cutting of metals have lead to guaranteed traceability of the metal from its supply to the company and quality control when putting into the fabrication process.