Besttechnica TM-Radomir is a public joint stock company, situated nearby the town of Radomir at about 45 km south-west from the capital Sofia.

The factory was built during the socialism as a behemoth plant to service the needs of the several industries. Besttechnica TM – Radomir is a part of a group of companies that offers products and services in the field of the infrastructure and heavy industrial investment engineering. The parent of the group is Besttechnica & Co.

We are a manufacturer of machines and equipment for the heavy industry, which customized products are exported globally. We have established a strong brand name in the production of machines and equipment for nuclear power plants, hydropower plants, wind generators, ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries, cement plants, mining, as well as cranes for industrial plants and harbors. We operate the largest manufacturing facility of this kind in South East Europe and possess a variety of unique equipment. We are one of the few heavy engineering plants in the CEE region, capable of executing large custom made orders.

Multinationals, such as Alstom, AtomStroyExport, ItalcementiGroup, are among our clients. clients

Company Flow Chart


Besttechica TM –Radomir is a successor of Zavod za Tezhko Mashinostroene factory, the biggest heavy machinery manufacturer in South-East Europe in the 1980s
1991 – The activities of the factory are divided into 5 companies. TezhkoMashinostroene EOOD takes over heavy machinery manufacturing segment.
1996 – TezhkoMashinostroene is transformed into a joint stock company, 100% owned by the state.
1997 – After privatization, the Company becomes 2/3 privately owned and 1/3 state-owned. Besttechnica OOD becomes major shareholder
2001 – TezhkoMashinostroene is renamed to TM –Radomir and the state sells its share to Besttechnica & Co, the successor of Besttechnica OOD.
2002 – The Company's name is changed to Besttechnica TM –Radomir