People make it happen!

At Besttechnica TM-Radomir we give the highest priority to developing our people because we recognize that they are the company’s most important asset.
Besttechnica TM-Radomir sets high standards with regard to professionalism and results. A dedicated and competent workforce is the key to business success – and HR therefore seeks to attract and retain individuals who will ensure the future development of the organisation in accordance with the Company's operational philosophies and strategic plans. The Company wishes to employ a staff with the appropriate education and skills..
Whenever we need to fill a vacancy, we are looking internally for competent employees with management skills.
Our human resources policy is directed to development of the available production capacity, which makes us competitive partners to world famous leaders in the machine building.

Special programs for young highly qualified workers and employees are developed in the company.

Vacant Job Positions

We are looking to recruit workers on labor contracts with the following responsibilities:

  • University degree in technical studies
  • Job description – Degining of technological operations and determining the cost of time, controlling and analyzing the cost of materials, introducing new products and technologies
  • University degree in technical studies
  • Job description – Drawing of sketches and drawings, preparation of summaries of the technical parameters of the machines and equipment, storing passports and original drawings of the machines and products
Fitter - Assembly worker
  • Secondary education
  • Job description - Manufacture and assembly of over-sized products
  • Secondary education
  • Documents from aptitude
  • Job description - Performance of welding seams corresponding to NDT grade I and II for MAG welding
  • Secondary education
  • Job description - Turning of complex parts on large lathe machines
Vertical lathe machine worker
  • Secondary education
  • Job description - Turning activities on vertical lathe machines
Horizontal boring machine worker
  • Secondary education
  • Job description - Boring and milling activities on vertical boring machines
Hydraulic worker
  • University degree
  • Job description – Disassembly and assembly of Pneumohydraulic machine parts, inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting